Plex Touch – Best Remote Control App for iPhone/iPod touch
Playback with Feedback
Remote Control your Movies and Shows the way you would expect, from an iPhone or iPod touch
Plex Touch – Best Remote Control App for iPhone/iPod touch
Browse, Bookmark & Organize
Discover your Media-Collection simply by walking through it. It's endless. And if you get the idea that watching all Woody Allen Movies again is fun, just bookmark him.

Plex Touch – Best Remote Control App for iPhone/iPod touch

Plex Touch delivers the best user experience for watching and organizing movies and tv-shows. It’s super-easy, fast and clear. A must-have for all large libraries.

“Schicke iPhone App erleichtert die Plex Fernsteuerung”
“Diese App kommt mir wie gerufen.”

Playback with Feedback

Plex Touch’s remote control has a full featured feedback channel that shows you exactly what’s going on. Go to every part of a video by sliding to its position. Choose your favorite audio and subtitle track during playback. No more touching 3 times right, then OK and 4 times up with a touchscreen that wont let you feel where buttons are.


Another unique feature of Plex Touch is its complex and super-easy way of navigating through your media collection. Plex Touch supports the typical filters like “On Deck”, “Recently Viewed”, etc. but it goes even further. It displays the cast of a movie and, from there, you can see which movies you have from that director or actor.


Collections are another unique feature of Plex Touch. Add and delete them as you want. They are easy to access and convenient to set up. Some users use them to “normalize” the messy genres from the movie scanner. Others just use it to order stuff like “007″ or “My Favorites”.

Multiple Servers and multiple Clients

Is your home full of Plex Servers and Clients? No problem with Plex Touch. Get everything fully under control with the greatest of ease. Plex Touch shows what’s playing all over your network with one mini-remote for every client that has an active playback.


Plex Touch has the unique feature of Bookmarks. Bookmarks work with every list you’re in, from simple lists such as “Recently added” and “Movies with Christian Bale” to more complex lists like “All unwatched episodes of season 5 of Breaking Bad”. Bookmarks are shown on Plex Touch’s home screen, which is accessible from everywhere with a single touch on the home icon.

Random Access

Another simple but powerful feature: Plex Touch lets you shuffle every list your in, helping you to find something when you can’t decide what to watch.